Shot three spots.


Directed by Harold Einstein.


Was the lead in the AFI film "Lifeboat."



Director by Adriana González-Vega.


"Just Shut Up!"



"Just Shut Up!" featured in USA Today.




Shot twenty episodes as Andy in "Just Shut Up!" for Smosh.


Created by Steve Murphy and Pete Meadows.
Directed by Pete Levin.



Shot the role of Gus in the Fox Pilot, "Boomerang."


Directed by Craig Brewer.
Written by Davey Holmes.
Produced by John Wells.


Roll Model


Directed by Eric B. Shanks
With Annie Sertich and Jeff Lewis.




By Ramsay Palmer.

With Stacie Theon.

Shot the role of John in Showtime's new series, "Masters of Sex."


With Michael Sheen.
Directed by Michael Dinner.


Shot the feature film Cavemen.


Directed by Herschel Faber.


At the Corner of Happy and Healthy.


Walgreens Spot.
Directed by Bruce Dowad.